An Examination of Five Sci-Fiction and Fiction Novels

Title: 5 Novels

Author: Daniel Pinkwater

Category: Sci- Fiction, Fiction

Settings: First storyline: in Hogboro, NY. Second story: Earth and the earth Spiegel.Third account: Genghis Khan SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Forth: Rochester NY. Fifth: MargaretHimmler SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL.

Time Period: 1990's

Alan Mendelson, the boy from mars: Leonard Neeble. Alan Mendelson. Samuel Klugarsh.Clarence Yojimbo. Leonard Neeble may be the new kid at college. No-one really likes him, but hedoesnР’'t health care. HeР’'s a genuine smart boy, but he discovered if he acted dumb, no-one would find him.His grades happen to be failing and his father and mother mail him to a psychology nearly the same period a newkid finds school. His brand is Alan Mendelson, and he claims to become from Mars. HeР’'s anoutcast, like Leonard, however the kids just simply donР’'t like him, they hate him. HeР’'s constantly being mean,and he can trip persons simply by whistling. They become friends, and each goes comic bookhunting, plus they find this retailer with he who analyses hyperstellar archaeology. His brand isSamual Klugarsh. He tells them about his analyses, and markets them a system, to see in the event that you can havemind control. They check it out, and it works. They are able to make people remove their hats and rub theirbellies. Klugarsh provides them the next reserve, by Clarence Yojimbo, disguised as a dictionary. Ifyou write down the next English words of every word backwards, It tells you other things