An Launch to the Research of the Black colored Panthers and the Political Procedure Theory

The Black Panthers and the Political Procedure Theory

"We wish land, bread, housing, education, outfits, justice, and peace." This assertion was the rallying demand Blacks over the nation to stand up and take that which was owed to them. Armed with sincerity, the understanding of such greats as Mao Tse-Tung and Malcolm X, law books, and rifles, the Black color Panther Get together fed the hungry, guarded the weak from racist law enforcement, and presented a fresh theoretical perspective of Black color political and cultural activism. Through this different perspective we gain understanding of an organization which rose out of your classical theoretical description of the political procedure theory. Throughout this paper the political procedure theory will be utilized to clarify the goals, emergence, and strategies of the Black colored Panther Party.

Founded in October of 1966 by Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton in Oakland, Ca., the Black Panther Party was shaped in response to the developing problem of police brutality towards blacks. The Dark colored Panthers at first felt that violent revolution was the sole method of attaining black liberation. To be able to achieve liberation, the get together referred to as on all blacks to arm themselves for the struggle. The Black Panther Get together was formed in order to free everyone, from all varieties of slavery, in order that every man could be his own master.

For the vast most the white consumer and the white ability structure, the Panthers represented just anti-governmental militancy. The B.P.'s viewpoint led to strong scrupulation by the authorities. Ultimately, it also resulted in several deaths as a result of law enforcement and the FBI.