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10 The Spirit of Baroque Research Guide

1 ) What assertion best explains the function of the Taj Mahal, in Agra, India? a. a mosque dedicated to the Mughal faithful

b. a burial place for the wife of the emperor and himself

c. a shrine marking this website of an episode in the your life of Muhammad d. a temple where worshippers honor the Great Juggernaut

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2 . Of the extraordinaire qualities listed below, which is most clearly illustrated in Bernini's Ecstasy of St . Teresa, centerpiece from the Cornaro Chapel? a. desire for modern research and mathematics

m. interest in spiritual emotion and human mindset

c. neoclassical preference for order and balance

m. dynamism created by inconsistant lines

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3. Which will of these baroque works best knows the attempt to combine diverse arts within a, dramatically specific whole? a. Handel's Messiah

b. Caravaggio's Calling of St . Matt

c. Bernini's Cornaro Chapel

d. Rubens' Rape from the Daughters of Leucippus

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4. What statement best describes Francesco Borromini, custom made of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane? a. Bernini's architectural opponent in extraordinaire Rome

n. a talented imitator of Caravaggio's painting

c. a genius of Italian ie in Venice

d. an influential member of Paillette XIV's the courtroom at Versailles Page ref: 263

five. In transporting the technique of chiaroscuro (dramatic mild and shadow) to the metropolitan areas of Florence and Naples, Artemisia Gentileschi spread the influence of what designer? a. Caravaggio

b. Gianlorenzo Bernini

c. Nicolas Poussin

d. Johannes Vermeer

Page ref: 264

6. What would one particular expect to listen to during a overall performance of Monteverdi's Orfeo? a. a entente grosso

n. a hymn

c. a recitative and aria

m. a preliminary and catch

Page ref: 265

7. Which What term is most beneficial associated with the concentration of European states just like France and Spain under all-powerful nobles, who applied their capacity to subdue the nobility and bring central order to authorities? a. constitutional monarchy

w. pessimism

c. popular sovereignty

d. helotism

Page ref: 266

8. According to Hobbes' type of the express of characteristics, analyzed in the Leviathan, for what reason does total political authority emerge to establish an organized and civil society? a. as a result of work intervention to safeguard humans coming from folly b. otherwise humans would eliminate themselves in violence

c. so that an even more democratic type of government may be established m. so that world will comply with the divine law of order and reason Webpage ref: 266

9. Which usually of these statements best relates to Vivaldi's Four Seasons? a. a work of art of the extraordinaire concerto importante

b. does apply recent enhancements in the form of the aria

c. composed for the courtroom of John XIV of France

d. marks the origin of extraordinaire opera in Germany

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10. of those painters was obviously a portraitist in the baroque courtroom of Philip IV of Spain? a. Nicolas Poussin

b. Miguel de Cervantes

c. Diego Velazquez

g. Rembrandt

Site ref: 268-269

11. In what regard can be Velazquez's masterpiece The Service personnel of Prize (Las MeniГ±as), a scene in the artist's royal facilities, most amazing? a. their complex agreement of space

b. a superb use of reddish colored, blue, and gold

c. the story treatment of a spiritual theme

d. its disposition of gaiety and self-indulgence

Page ref: 270

doze. Of the baroque qualities beneath, which is most clearly illustrated in Versailles Palace? a. quiet simpleness and simple scale

w. Catholic mysticism and emotionalism

c. mix of neoclassical varieties and baroque splendor

d. preoccupation with baroque rationalism and science

Page ref: 272

13. What will the Academy, as proven under the guideline of John XIV, probably do? a. encourage ground breaking styles of portrait

b. supervise the Dutch market in paintings

c. ensure a religious content in pictures

d. impose absolutist neoclassical rules on artists

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14. Jean-Baptiste Lully was a central figure in the development...


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