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Economy of Nepal

Nepal Rastra Bank in Kathmandu


1 Nepalese Rupee (NPR) = 100 paisa

Fiscal yr

16 July - 12-15 July

Trade organizations




$41. 22 billion (2012 est. )[1]

GDP growth

4. 6% (2010 represente. )


$1, 600 (2010 se revele etre. )


agriculture (35%),  industry (20%), services (45%) (2010 est. ) Inflation (CPI)

eight. 6% (September 2010 se revele etre. ), 12. 6% (October 2011 reste. source: myrepublica. com) Human population

belowpoverty range

24. 7% (2008 represente. )

Primary industries

Tourism,  garment,  food and beverages, metal makes,  herbs. Ease of doing business list




$1. 609 Billion dollars (2009) f. o. w.; note -- does not include unrecorded border control with India (2008) Export goods

carpets, clothing, natural leather goods, jute goods, grain, herbs,  tea, coffee, stainlesss steel, Cement, Organization Processing Outsourcing techniques, Software, I . t, Furniture, Cardamoms, Cloths etc Main export partners

India 55. 7%

Combined States 10. 1%

Germany 4. 4% (2012 se revele etre. )[3]


$5. twenty six billion farreneheit. o. b. (2008)

Import goods

Petroleum Products, Rare metal, Machinery.

Key import associates

India 51. 0%

China 34. 5% (2012 represente. )[4]

Open public finances


$4 billion (FY 2010)


$5. 6 billion dollars (FY 2010)

Main databases: CIA Universe Fact Publication

All beliefs, unless in any other case stated, happen to be in US us dollars

An isolated, agrarian world until the mid-20th century,  Nepal entered the modern age in 51 without schools, hospitals, streets, telecommunications, energy, industry, or perhaps civil services. The country features, however , built progress toward sustainable monetary growth considering that the 1950s and is also committed to an application of monetary liberalization. Nepal has used a series of five-year plans in an attempt to make improvement in economic development. This completed it is ninth economical development program in 2002; its forex has been manufactured convertible, and 17 state enterprises have been completely privatized. Foreign aid makes up about more than half with the development spending budget. Government goals over the years have been the development of transportation and communication facilities, cultivation, and market. Since 75, improved govt administration and rural development efforts have already been emphasized. Agriculture remains Nepal's main economic activity, employing 70 percent of the population and providing 37% of GDP. Only about twenty percent of the total area can be cultivable; an additional 33% can be forested; the majority of the rest is mountainous. Rice and wheat or grain are the primary food vegetation. The lowland Terai area produces a great agricultural excessive, part of which supplies the food-deficient hill areas. Economic creation in cultural services and infrastructure have not made remarkable progress as a result of GDP habbit on India. A countrywide main education strategy is under expansion, and Tribhuvan University has several campuses. Please see Education in Nepal for further details. Although eradication efforts continue,  malaria had recently been controlled in the fertile nevertheless previously uninhabitable Terai location in the southern. Kathmandu is linked to India and nearby hill locations by road and a great expanding highway network. The capital was nearly out of fuel and transport of supplies the effect of a crippling general strike in southern Nepal on Feb . 17, 2008.[5] Major cities are coupled to the capital simply by telephone and domestic air services. The export-oriented carpet and garment industries have raised rapidly recently and together now take into account approximately 70 percent of items exports. Nepal was rated 54th most severe of seventy eight ranked countries (those with GHI > 5. 0) on the Global Hunger Index in 2011, between Cambodia and Togo. Nepal's current score of 19. on the lookout for is better than completely (20. 0) and much increased than their score of 27. 5 in 1990.[6] Contents


1 Foreign assets and taxation

2 Imports and exports

3 Resources

4 Macro-economic craze

5 Statistics

6 References

7 External backlinks

Foreign purchases and taxation[edit]...

References: Statistics[edit]

GDP:  purchasing electricity parity - $41. twenty two billion (2012)[9]

GDP -- real progress rate:  5. 6% (2008 est. )

GDP - per capita:  purchasing electrical power parity - $1, 4 hundred (2012)

market:  20%

providers:  40% (2002 est. )

Population below poverty range:  25. 2% (2011)

Home income or perhaps consumption by percentage reveal:

lowest 10%:  3. 2%

highest 10%:  29. 8% (1995–96)

Pumpiing rate (consumer prices):  2. 9% (2002 est. )

Labour push:  10 , 000, 000 (1996 represente. )

Unemployment rate:  47% (2001 represente. )


Electricity -- production:  1, 755 GWh (2001)

Electricity - creation by supply:

nuclear:  0%

other:  0% (2001)

Electricity - usage:  1, 764 GWh (2001)

Electricity - exports:  95 GWh (2001)

Electricity -- imports:  227 GWh (2001)

Oil -- production:  0 barrels per day (0 m3/d) (2001 est. )

Exports:  $568 million farrenheit. o. n., but does not include unrecorded border trade with India (2002 est. )

Exports -- commodities:  carpets, clothing,  leather goods,  jute goods,  grain

Exports - partners:  India 50. 5%,  US 26%,  Germany 6. 6% (2003 se revele etre. )

Imports:  $1. 419 billion n. o. b

Debt -- external:  $2. 7 billion dollars (2001)

Monetary aid - recipient:  $424 million (FY 00/01)


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