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Manufactured Intelligence


Q1: Problem formula

Three dads with three or more children (A and his child CA, B and his child CB, and C and his child CC) are standing on side North of a river. The three dads want to cross the river (go to side South) using their children, yet there is only one boat, which could hold no greater than two folks (a child is considered a person).

Furthermore, no kid can stay with other fathers without the occurrence of his father. a. Give a suited representation of any state.

w. According to the prior representation,

what is the initial express?

What is the goal point out?

c. Exactly what the feasible actions on a state?

g. Draw the state space by using a tree framework up to interesting depth 2 . SEARCH STRATEGIES


A. Show that DFS generates about O(bm) nodes in the search tree. N. Explain how come DFS needs less storage than BFS.


A. Starting from " a”, discover the aim " e” using DFS with tree-search algorithm, and then with graph-search algorithm.






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You have to show:

1 .

2 .





The search forest.

The purchase in which nodes will be stopped at.

The frontier at each stage.

The investigated list

The perfect solution is path.

The frontier following your search can be terminated.

Notice: expand nodes in logogrammatic order for those who have more than one candidate for development.

B. Assess the two alternatives. What can you consider?

Q3. Please refer to chapter 3 slip 7.

Starting from Pitesti, locate a path to Oradea. Show the search tree, the frontier, the explored list, the solution course and the answer cost pertaining to the following search strategies: a) UCS

b) Greedy

c) A*

Consider the following estimative of distance to the goal:








h(Oradea) = 0

h(Arad) =120

h(Bucharest) = 430

h(Sibiu) = 160

h(Fagaras) = 130



Are these claims heuristic...


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