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Organization Mathematics HW 1

Figure out the following Conversions.

1) a. 324. 5% =, Change to decimal.

b. a thousand % =, Change to a fraction

c. 0. 0875 =, Change to a percent.

Estimate the absent values

2) a. Lowering the base worth of 150 by 60 per cent gives the new value?

b. Earnings were $4400 last month and increased by 4% in may. Calculate the money and Total amount at the conclusion of the month.

c) Profits were $ 14, 000 a month ago and $12, 000 the previous month. The speed of boost was?

d) Revenue were 500 usd, 000 in June yet only $400, 000 in July. The rate of lower was?

3) Roberta Rivas offers commercial restaurant supplies and equipment. She's paid over a commission simply basis. She receives 2% for her sales up to $60, 000. For 90, 1000 of sales she is paid out 3% as well as for any sales above $150, 000 she's paid 4%. How much commission payment would the girl earn within a month the moment her product sales were $165, 000?

4) When a amount of cash is increasedВ by 25% it might be $1, 750. В WhatВ was the original quantity?

5) Compute the commission in the event sales are $50, 500 and the percentage is at 10%?

6) Compute the commission and total pay out if Base salary $3, 500, Revenue $150, 1000 and commission rate is at 12%.

7) Teresa Gomez is a commission payment merchant devoted to consignment sales of antique furniture. Hank Wendell, A furniture owner, sets the cost of his antique furniture for $5000. This individual agrees to pay Teresa a 15% commission in addition $145 shipping from his home to her showroom. He also confirms to pay Teresa $188 for shipping and delivery the antiques from her showroom to the buyer's home. What will end up being Hank's Net proceeds from someone buy?

8) Increasing the base benefit of 240 by 25% gives the new value?

9) Focus on 65, enhance it simply by 60% and end up with?

10) Foundation Value sama dengan 350 reduce by 100% gets what new worth =?

11) The work on an document is twenty percent of the value. В If the work is $80, find the importance of the article?

12) Convert the following...


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